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Mission Report from Corky Binko

Pastor Alex and CW Brethren,


Greetings to you in Christ Name!


Thank you so much for your letter Pastor.  I am really sorry for this long delay reply because I have to attend to my sister who is sick.  We have to go to PGH every now and then for check-up and follow up.


Thank you for your prayers for the success of our gift-giving and also for my health.  The year past had many challenges that tends to be anxious, but the Lord ‘s encouragement were there from His Word, and one of them is in Prov.20:22 “…wait for the Lord to handle the matter.” Ps.37:7, James 5:7… And praise God for His promise and Word that were so timely.


Regarding our Correctional BS, There were several Christian groups inside Correctional whom they have also Pastor’s handling over them. But whenever there is BS from other ministry or sect, (like WOF, Love of Jesus, Loved Flock, ABWE, SDA, Muslim, INC, South City Gate, and etc.) inmates usually choose on their own where to attend.  But by the grace of God many like to attend our bible study ministry.  Maybe, it is because of our gift-giving program.  But it’s okay, whatever their reason and motive is, it doesn’t matter to us/to me.   What is important is that they hear the Word of God biblically, and always had a challenge for them to put their trust in Jesus as their Lord and Savior.


One of Christian organization inside, The WOF (Women of Faith Fellowship), had a Pastor who speaks for them every Sunday during the Worship Service, with the exception of the last Sunday, because they cannot use the Ground floor, stage area.  And because of that restriction, Christians who are in wards have to go upstairs to the 4th floor (basketball court area). And since ‘no male visitor’ is allowed to go up, they have to invite female speaker, and by God’s grace, I was considered by them.


Because of that chance, I pray to consider of inviting a pastor who will speak on our BS every 2nd Saturday.  Ptr, kasi po, I want to grab that opportunity for many other more inmates downstairs who can hear the sermon especially those on their dormitories and bed who do not want to go upstairs. They cannot help but hear the preaching because the speaker is loud, and they are just beside them. You can see many heads are sti;cking out from the windows and find them listening. And we are very sure that there are many more who can hear if we are in the stage area, including those who were sitting on the swing, wards who are making their ‘beads’ as labor, and also visitors of the inmates, passers-by, and many more around.


I remember the first time that we used the stage area last September, I invited Pastor Gary Sibal, our Pastor in the church, RCBC, and Pastor Lubaton, there were many grandmothers and sick inmates who were so happy and glad saying, “It is good that you are at the stage area because we cannot go up the stairs anymore. Yes, they were our attendees before, but cannot go upstairs now due to sickness.  So I hope and pray, that the Lord will honor that newly formed strategic outcome in reaching more inmates for our Lord Jesus who is very soon coming.  Please pray for these things.  Thank you.

Regarding our next Gift-giving, I still don’t know with the Lord Pastor.  But as for me, I would like to take a break from it. But, actually, it’s not really me Pastor, but our donors.  It is because we have two departments from PLDT who did not participate (because they help the ‘Yolanda’ victim).  But, some aired of their willingness of helping other groups or organizations like Children Cancer patient, orphanage, Home for the Aged, etc.  So, I thought of just taking a break. But it all depends on the Lord’s will.   If the Lord still wants to have it this December again, so be it.   I am very willing to obey.  The Lord has been so faithful with His provisions, guidance and enablement for the past 13 years in our BS, and 8-years in gift-giving.  And with the 2,283 inmates, we know that there is much to be done.


Pastor, thank you from my heart for your help, involvement, love, and faithful prayers.  Our Father is the Only One Who can reward you.  God bless your heart and the whole CW family. Kindly extend my prayer and regards to them.  Maraming-maraming Salamat po [Thank you very much].


Because of Calvary,



Praise Items:


  • Gift-giving 2013 – 531 inmates –  (11-released)
  • For 424 inmates who attended last February, 8 Attended a 3-day Debriefing Seminar  – very fruitful, balanced and sensible.


Prayer Requests:


  • Inmates’ spiritual growth especially, those impacted during the past year and those who came to know Christ.
  • To overcome some bouts of depression
  • Improvement in health problems
  • Considering hospital ministry (CPE) –
  • One soul a week (share the gospel)
  • Healing for my sister Vite (stage 2 breast cancer)
  • Healing for my brother Lito who is now sick since yesterday

John 1:16

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