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Sunday Mornings – What to Expect and What is Expected

How CW members can conduct themselves on Sunday mornings to encourage others and bring glory to God.

Before the Service

  • Come early or on time.
  • Come prepared by getting enough sleep the previous night.
  • Greet and welcome other members and visitors.
  • Read the passage or Scriptural text on which the preaching is based.
  • Quiet your hearts by praying before the worship service starts.
  • Sit with someone you can encourage to worship God.

During the Service

  • Sing with so much enthusiasm that the one beside you will also sing (even if you cannot sing).
  • Fill in the gaps: If there’s a problem, help fix it; don’t make a big fuss about it.
  • Don’t be distracted, and don’t get others distracted.
  • Stay inside the worship center; don’t loiter outside.
  • Listen carefully (with your eyes and ears open).
  • Pray throughout the worship service.

After the Service

  • Stay for the lunch fellowship (even if you don’t like the food).
  • Talk about God’s Word you just received from the sermon.
  • Stay late and help clean up the place.
  • Get connected to a small group during the week and remind each other of the gospel.